Tom Elliott

I like data science, data vis, and computing, as well as wine, gardening, food, and music.

Hello and welcome to my blog-profile-thing.

Currently this just acts like a personal profile with some links to publications (talks, posters, and so on) but I may add random blog posts on whatever little things I find interesting during my day-to-day work and/or hobbying.

Recent updates

Building my new website

with R ... sort of

I finally got around to building a new website; here's a (brief) overview of why and how I did it.

Several years ago I decided to redesign my website (mostly as a way of learning new web technologies), but what I came up with was ... rather uninspiring. Ever since reading about Hugo, I've wanted to build my website using it (including designing my own theme and templates), but between the PhD and iNZight, I seldom felt like spending my free time doing even more coding! In recent weeks, I've had a slight break from working and found the inspiration to finally get around to the website.

Rocketing Into Spring

My rocket suddenly grew a stem and started flowering!

During the first Kiwi lockdown, I planted some rocket seeds. I've enjoyed several harvests, but it appears that lengthening days have triggered baby-making-mode. Suddenly my stubby rocket plants have sent a long proboscis-like stem into the sky and have started to produce little flowers. In the photos you can see the long main stem (left) shooting up to over 30 cm tall! The last week has been very rainy in Auckland (and I was a little preoccupied with my PhD defense) so I was a little surprised to see everything booming (and even blooming!

Improving the prediction of bus arrival using real-time network state

PhD Defense talk

My PhD defense presentation is linked below. You possibly won't understand most of it, however, since there's no recording available and most of the text needs to be accompanied by talking!

Modelling the travel time of transit vehicles in real-time through a GTFS-based road network using GPS vehicle locations

A paper published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

Predicting the arrival time of a transit vehicle involves not only knowledge of its current position and schedule adherence, but also traffic conditions along the remainder of the route. Road networks are dynamic and can quickly change from free‐flowing to highly congested, which impacts the arrival time of transit vehicles, particularly buses which often share the road with other vehicles, so reliable predictions need to account for real‐time and future traffic conditions.