Hello and welcome to my blog-profile-thing.

Currently this just acts like a personal profile with some links to publications (talks, posters, and so on) but I may add random blog posts on whatever little things I find interesting during my day-to-day work and/or hobbying.

Latest updates

IDI Search App

A web app for searching New Zealand's IDI

The IDI Search App allows researchers to explore what variables are available in the IDI, and provides descriptions and SQL information about each variable. The app uses Data Dictionaries from Statistics NZ to collate collection, dataset, and variable information, which is stored within a relational database. The front end is powered by NextJS, allowing us to provide an interface for users to list all variables or, more usefully, those variables, datasets, and collections that match a specific search term.

Disclosure Risk Calculator

A web app for estimating the disclosure risk of a dataset

Before a dataset is made public, it needs to be checked to ensure no individuals are at risk of being identified. We developed this calculator to quickly assess a dataset for disclosure risk based on a selection of variables. There are two aspects to the calculator: 1. Overall risk This is the risk of disclosure given the currently chosen variablse and sampling fraction. The calculations here use only information about the number of unique and paired observations, and is easily performed in the browser.

Visualisation driven analytics

Novel 'point and click' tools for general and population statistical analysis

ANZSC Virtual Conference 2021

The utility of data resources is often limited by technical barriers to accessing and analysing the available data. In response to this need, we have developed two software tools that reduce the cost, security, and skill restrictions affecting the use of data. Both tools are developed using the R software platform. The first software tool is ‘iNZight’—an R-based freeware package that provides a mouse-driven user interface to a wide range of R packages for analysis and graphics.

Democratising Data Science: Some iNZights into Empowering the Many

A discussion piece for the Harvard Data Science Review

A commentary on a paper about data science at Berkeley, discussing the importance of providing tools to remove barriers and democratise access to data. DOI: 10.1162/99608f92.85206ff9