Tom Elliott

I like data science, data vis, and computing, as well as wine, gardening, food, and music.

Rocketing Into Spring

My rocket suddenly grew a stem and started flowering!

During the first Kiwi lockdown, I planted some rocket seeds. I’ve enjoyed several harvests, but it appears that lengthening days have triggered baby-making-mode. Suddenly my stubby rocket plants have sent a long proboscis-like stem into the sky and have started to produce little flowers.

In the photos you can see the long main stem (left) shooting up to over 30 cm tall! The last week has been very rainy in Auckland (and I was a little preoccupied with my PhD defense) so I was a little surprised to see everything booming (and even blooming!) this morning.

I believe the flowers are edible, so while I wont be able to enjoy the leaves of these rocket (I do have some others in the garden, but close inspection suggests they too are preparing to bolt) I might be able to add some fancy colourations to salads and the likes.

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