Tom Elliott

I like data science, data vis, and computing, as well as wine, gardening, food, and music.


I spent the 2010’s at the University of Auckland’s City campus figuring out what sort of career I wanted to pursue. At first, I thought biology would be good for me, but less than half way into that degree I realised that statistics—with its combination of maths, computing, and problem solving—was for me.

After completing a BSc in Biological Sciences and Statistics, I quickly added an Honours in Statistics to that, which consisted of a project fitting Bayesian time series models to black hole reverberation mapping data. I found the research aspect of academia to my liking, so further pursued a thesis-based Masters degree, this time fitting Bayesian models to fisheries trawl data.

At this point, one must decide between finding a “real job”, or diving down the rabbit hole into academia (which of course I did). The second half of the twenty-tens was devoted to a PhD investigating the prediction of bus arrival and part-time work as the lead developer of iNZight.

I have now begun a three-year postdoctoral research fellowship with Victoria University of Wellington, working for their School of Health to improve access to and application of social and health data in Aotearoa, New Zealand.